Discipline Corps

Discipline Corps typically offers two annual camp-outs (one in April, the second usually in October) each year, providing our members and sponsored guests the opportunity to play and socialize in a private, clothing optional outdoor setting.

Come join us for three days and two nights of good times and good food with some great guys.

If you’ve ever wanted the chance to get some outdoor play in and not have to worry about your neighbors seeing you string up a guy naked from that tree in your backyard, then Camp DC is the place for you.  You can run around naked all weekend and the only thing you have to worry about is the occasional bug bite.

Registration Includes:

  • 5 meals (Friday evening dinner, 3 meals on Saturday, plus a Sunday morning Grab 'n Go breakfast.)
  • Basic, non-alcoholic beverages such as water, coffee & tea.  We recommend that you pack a cooler with your choice of Sodas & Adult Beverages.  Ice is available on-site for a modest donation
  • Basic landsite usage fees
  • Electrical outlets, whether you're using electrical for a fan or your violet wand
  • All the hot, steamy play you can pack into three days and two nights, and all the hot steamy showers you need to help clean up afterward.

Watch this page for updates on our next campout.

Typical Event Schedule

  • Landsite Opens, Set Camp
  • Dinner (Designed to allow campers to grab when they get in.)
  • Evening by the Campfire (Weather Permitting)

  • Breakfast
  • Hiking, Play, Camaraderie
  • Lunch
  • Hiking, Play, Camaraderie
  • Dinner
  • Evening by the Campfire (Weather Permitting)
  • Grab 'n Go Breakfast
  • Breakdown Camp and Return to Civilization at your leisure

Please note that Camp DC is open only to members and sponsored guests of Discipline Corps.  To help us maintain the security and exclusivity of this event, we ask that you include your Discipline Corps Sponsor's name in the appropriate field in the registration form.  This information will be verified, and any registrations submitted without appropriate sponsorship will be cancelled and refunded.

For more information on sponsorship, please contact the event organizer at: RunCaptain@DisciplineCorps.com.

Registration typically begins a couple of months before
campout.  Watch this page for further details.

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