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Change of Venue for Monthly Bar Nights

Beginning with our Feb 10 bar night and until further notice Discipline Corps bar night will be held at Hidden Door.

A few words from our President

Greetings Discipline Corps Brothers and the Community as a Whole,

It’s hard to believe we are in the second half of January already. It seems like just yesterday, we were ringing in the new year and now we are getting ready for Esprit de Corps in less than a month and a half, and Camp DC shortly after that.

On a personal level, I was glad to see 2022 enter the history books. It was a year of challenges and major life changes for myself and many others around me. I begin the new year, though, with many prospects that just weren’t there before. One of the things I am most proud of is to enter this year as the President of such a great club.

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Upcoming events

About Discipline Corps

Who We Are

Discipline Corps is a Men's BDSM Social Group in Dallas, Texas, whose membership is limited to male-identified individuals who wish to experience SAFE, SANE, and CONSENSUAL BDSM play with other men.

Our members are interested in many forms of play, including spanking, bondage, mummification, rough body play, tactile play, medical play, and many other forms of kink.

Our Mission

With a strong emphasis on safe, sane and consensual play, we host activities geared for all levels of players, from novice to highly experienced, and we encourage sharing, mentoring and learning between men of various experience levels. 

Our History

Founded in 1999, we celebrate our 23rd year with almost 100 active members and several of our founding members still active.  Discipline Corps has become a well-respected organization locally and nationally. We are proud to be a part of the local and world leather community, and we actively support our members' BDSM interests as well as those of other men's BDSM organizations.

In our quest to support like minded organizations, Discipline Corps is an active member of Texas Conference of Clubs.

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